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  • Don "Doc" Thompson
    Sales Expert

    Doc has been around Stoudt-Ross just about from the beginning. An expert in all things Ford, Doc is also a very avid golfer and is a regular on the circuit in our area.

  • Denise Orthman
    Office Manager

    A little bit about myself:

    I am originally from Washington state. My father and his family have always lived in ND, since I was little I would travel here occasionally. So that is my connection with Valley City. Graduated in May of 2019 from VCSU with my bachelor's degree with a Major in Business admin. and a minor in Human Resources. I recently changed careers from a Server for many years. I love customer service, I take pride in being kind and helping others, let it be a simple gesture or a larger one, I am a people person for sure! I enjoy spending time with my family, staying active and interacting with new and old friends. I have 2 boys, 15 year old Treylan (loves tennis, and math) and a 4 ½ year old Brockston ( loves Firetrucks and cuddles). My husband, Chris and I were married in August of 2017.  He is a diesel mechanic and works very hard for his family. We believe in working hard to enjoy the things we have.  

  • Kory Kunze

    Kory is a lifelong resident of this area with a deep connection to the Ag Industry. He enjoys activities with his three children and accompanying them on wrestling and football pursuits. On his off time he also enjoys hunting and fishing.

  • Jason Dorman
    Business Development Manager

    Jason enjoys all things outdoors as well as fishing and golfing and outdoor BBQ.

  • Chris Martinson
    Finance Manager

    Chris is our Finance Manager at Stoudt-Ross. Chris is the "go to guy" when it comes to helping find the best way to acquire your new vehicle. Chris enjoys golfing, hunting and spending time with his Family.

  • Bob Wahl
    Parts Manager

    Bob has many years in the auto industry in many capacities. He enjoys hunting and fishing and has the interesting hobby of precision long range shooting with some relatively exotic rifle cartridges which he hand reloads. We are grateful to have Bob in Parts as anyone that enjoys precision, highly technical pursuits will certainly be a capable hand in assisting you with your Parts needs!

  • Jeff Schlittenhardt
    Quick Lane Manager

    Jeff is our Quick Lane Manager and is your Trusted Advisor when it comes to maintaining your vehicle in top shape. Jeff is a lifelong resident of Valley City and is currently a Lieutenant with The Valley City Fire Department having served them faithfully for 34 years. Jeff, like many of us, enjoys hunting and fishing and spending time with his Family.

  • Marlin Jenson
    Service Advisor

    Marlin is a well known face around Valley City. Awarded for his Customer Service skills, many have commented on his calm and cool way on the job. We would call him "Cool Hand Luke" but since he is Marlin and Newman sort of owns that title, we will just go with Marlin.
     Marlin adores his Grandkids and enjoys travelling with them and experiencing things old and new through their eyes!

  • Greg Baumgartner
    Senior Master Tech

    Greg, or Benny as some know him, is our Senior Master Tech/Master Diesel Tech who has been with us 34 years now. Greg is pretty modest about this, but he just won the Region "Fix It Right the First Time" award from Ford Motor Company. Modest or not, we are pretty proud of him and don't have to tell you what that means to you when you bring your vehicle in with a problem! Greg is an avid Motorcyclist and he and his wife enjoy riding four wheelers at a special spot in the Detroit Lakes area. We just think of him as our Resident Rock Star!

  • Geoff Quick
    Senior Master Tech

    Geoff Quick. That could be a nickname because Geoff is Quick, Efficient and gets the job done right. Geoff has been with us 10 years, and is a Senior Master Tech. How do we get so lucky? I don't know, but we will take it and if Geoff is working on your vehicle you got lucky too! Geoff is in to Fitness, loves to travel and is a huge Sports Fan.

  • Shane Ellis
    Quick Lane Tech

    Shane does an excellent job in caring for your vehicle here at Stoudt-Ross. Exactly the sort of guy I would want working on my vehicle or my wife's which I have in both cases! Shane enjoys hunting and fishing and is a video game Master in his down time!

  • Mark Skramstad
    Detail Expert

    Mark heads up our detail shop and we are very fortunate to have him as his finished product is simply outstanding. Mark enjoys spending time with his family and collecting scale model cars.

  • Casey J. Stoudt
    Dealer/Sales Manager

    Casey has been around this industry, well, his entire life! He and his Family are proud to be one of the few Fourth Generation Ford Dealers in the US. Casey is currently serving as Dealer and Sales Manager. Casey enjoys his many Civic involvements in Valley City, all things outdoors and spending time with his Family.

  • Mike Rhinehart
    General Manager

    Mike enjoys conversation on just about any topic and especially the current Ford lineup! When not at the dealership, Mike is an avid outdoorsman pursuing hunting, fishing, water skiing, cycling and competitive shooting. He also enjoys The Arts, playing Acoustic Guitar and has spent many years involved in City Planning and Downtown Development.

  • Grace, our Mascot
    Good Will Ambassador

    Grace is our mascot at Stoudt-Ross. She is a Gordon Setter from Scotland. She is here just about every day. She enjoys hunting, eating, lounging and meeting new people. She knows a good deal when she sees one and can certainly point you in the right direction!